Hey, friend!


I'm Hannah! You'll find me in sunny San Diego, CA raising three little ones with my man, and photographing the loveliest, loving-est people around.

I never expected to be a photographer. In fact, I spent several years as a software engineer, itching to spend my hours with people instead of programs, and wondering what I should be doing instead. Somehow - I'm not even sure how - I realized what my instead should be. 

And I love it.

I love photographing people. I love capturing the connection and emotion between people and preserving it in a beautiful way. I love documenting family, friendships, and romance. I love illustrating real love stories between real people in real relationships living real lives. It's satisfying in a way that I always dreamed my work would be - it's real, and it's rich, and it's wonderful. It's a privilege and a joy to visually tell these stories for my clients to look back on for years to come.

But even more important than this work, is the job I've chosen in being a wife and mother. It's a messy, gritty work raising children, and it's my every moment of every day - sometimes frustrating, often draining, and always what I would choose over and over again a thousand times. 

Because of this, you may meet my family when I bring them along to a session so my kids can explore a new place with my husband while I work. Or you may hear noisy children in the background on a phone call, or I may take a few hours to text or email back as I strive to be fully present with my children and keep my work consolidated to certain times of day. Because of this, I'm taking a break from weddings for 2018, because it's better for my family.

But the thing is, I know that family first and business second ultimately makes me a better photographer. Because the people I work with believe the same as I do - that love and family is the point of it all, and that it's the thing really worth chasing after. When it comes down to it, we must pursue love above all else, and the work I do is so incredibly sweet because it's documenting a tiny slice of that journey.


I would love to take your photos. It's an investment; I know. It's money and time and taking a chance with a stranger. But I'm pretty sure you'll like me, and I know you'll love your photos, and I know they'll be cherished forever. 

Need more convincing? Check out what my past clients have to say, or get in touch with any questions you might have. And grab someone you love and let me take your picture.

To see more of my work and and a little more of my personal life (read: my kids), connect with me on Instagram (my fave) and Facebook.

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