I'm Hannah, a fine art photographer living in San Diego, CA with my husband and our three little ones. I am incredibly thankful for a home that is not just a location I love but a whole lot of people who I love. 

I never expected to be a photographer. As a child I didn't dream of creating amazing art and I never took a camera everywhere with me. In fact, I spent several years as a discontented software engineer, itching to get out of the monotony of a desk job, trying to figure out what I should be doing instead. Somehow - I'm not even sure how - I realized what my instead should be.

And I love it.

I love photographing people. I love capturing the connection and emotion between people and preserving it in a beautiful way. I love documenting family, friendships, and romance. I love illustrating love. Real life, real relationships, real people - all living real love stories. It's a privilege and a joy to visually tell these stories for you to look back on for years to come. 

If you have a love story that deserves to be photographed (truth: all love stories deserve it), check out what my clients have to say about me and drop me a note - I would love to hear from you!

To see more of my work and and a little more of my personal life (read: my kids), connect with me on Instagram (my fave) and Facebook.

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