San Diego Maternity Photography // The Washington Family

I say it all the time, because it's always true: I have seriously wonderful clients. The Washington family was no exception. Their son Maddox is a mini comedian, with even more energy than my own crazy boy. It's always fun meeting families with children the same age as my own (Maddox and Parker are only a couple weeks apart in age), and talking life and parenting and realizing that my own experiences are so normal after all. I'm so looking forward to photographing their beautiful family again now that their little girl has made her debut!

Leo {Six Weeks}

Since having Leo, I've taken a few minutes every couple of weeks - maybe five, maybe fifteen, whatever I get - to document my babies, because their littleness is slipping away quickly. It doesn't feel so long ago that I first met my sweet Adelaide, yet here she is, about to start kindergarten. And while most of the time I don't grieve that at all, and just look forward to every new thing my children do and learn, and every way I get to know them more deeply and hear their thoughts and ideas more completely expressed and watch their personalities shine, there's something about a last baby that will make you grieve. It's not a deep sadness, because every day is a joy and a blessing and a chance to know each child more fully, but this time around, every first also marks a little last

Some of these lasts are happy ones, but some feel much more sad than I expected. While I look forward to so much with these three as they grow, perhaps for the first time, I am trying not to look too far ahead. I am trying to fully embrace each moment, knowing every diaper I change brings me one step closer to the last diaper I'll change; every nighttime feeding brings me one feeding closer to the last time I'll ever nurse a baby at night; every exhausting task that seemed daunting with a first  - how will I ever make it through this at all, let alone again?? - is something that is nearly behind me forever. Though I'll spend the rest of my life as a mother, these little years are more behind us than ahead. 

A last baby is truly bittersweet.